We help organisations engage with supporters of housebuilding.

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Connecting supporters of housebuilding
with the planning process

When new homes are proposed, it seems like everyone objects.

But there is a silent majority who are over-looked in the planning system.

A whole generation who can’t even afford to rent, let alone buy, because of the lack of supply.

Their stories are not told,
their voices are not heard.

Just Build Homes connects supporters of new homes with the planning process. We enable them to contribute quickly and easily to the process so their voices count.

We balance the right of objectors to be heard, with the right of supporters to be heard too – increasing the chances of new homes being approved.

So that decision makers have the full picture of what local people think.

Can Just Build Homes help you?

We work with in partnership with public bodies, local planning authorities, social housing providers and developers. 

Most importantly, we work with the silent majority to help get more homes built.

Just Build Homes supporters have their say

There are now over 8000 people in the Just Build Homes community many of whom are actively engaging in the planning decisions in their local areas.

“I’ve been living in a damp house with my kids. We need better living conditions. New homes can fix this.”
“It’s crucial to provide more places for people to live and reduce homelessness in the area.“
“These homes will offer better living conditions for young families.”
“It’s crucial to provide affordable options for the younger generation.”
“We receive a lot of letters if you want to protest developments, but we have no issues with new builds at all.”
“Building more homes is just common sense. People are desperate for houses and should be able to have an affordable place to live.”
“New homes will benefit the local area and be good for younger generations looking to get on the housing market.”
“It will help people around the city centre who are struggling to get their own home.”
“It will benefit the local residents, the area and help free up family homes.”
“We need new homes to help young people get on the housing ladder and have the same opportunity I did when I was young.”

Working with our partners:
Don’t just take our word for it.

Millie Dodd, from Just Build Homes, spoke to The Sunday Times about building more homes in the UK:

“Surveys show that in every part of the UK the majority of people are in favour of building more homes, but local planning officers and councillors rarely hear from them.

“We aim to change that. Supporters of new homes have just as much right to be heard as people who oppose development.”