The housing crisis is simple. We used to build enough homes. Now we don’t. As a result, we’re now 1.2 million homes short of what we need.

Sadly, a loud minority of existing homeowners saying NO to new housing development are making it harder to fix the problem.

We believe people who want to support housebuilding have as much right to be heard as those who don’t.

We want to give a voice to the people who say YES, so more homes get built.

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2 million

planning application objections in last 3 years

1.2 million

homes short of what we need


FEWEr homes are being built ANNUALLY now than in the 1950's


Since the 1970’s the population’s been growing but housebuilding has been in decline.

The BBC now estimate we are 1.2 million homes short of what we need.


In the last 3 years alone, there have been almost 2 million objections to planning applications. That’s 80 every single hour.

Meanwhile, a whole generation can’t afford to leave their childhood bedrooms and get on the housing ladder.

And there are real human consequences: it is estimated that around 320,000 people are homeless – living on the streets, sofa surfing or living in poor, temporary accommodation.

Most damningly, around 200,000 children do not have a permanent home.

The solution is obvious: stop arguing about the type of housing we build and just build more homes of all types.

But it’s going to take the silent majority who support housebuilding to make their voice heard.


Join our campaign

After signing up to support our campaign you may receive occasional updates from Shared Voice, who are running the Just Build Homes campaign. We will never sell or distribute your information to any third party at any time. 

Every time a new housing development is proposed, decision makers only ever hear from the vocal minority who oppose it.

The vast majority of people in the U.K support new housebuilding.

So, we’re giving them a voice.

Our platform allows you to quickly and easily contribute to the official process, by saying YES in the time it takes to fill out a form online.

We will champion schemes near you that build more homes.

Because it’s only when ordinary people like you start saying YES to housing development in your area will more homes actually get built. It’s that simple.


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We are Shared Voice.  We are a new organisation that run digital campaigns on issues we feel passionately about.

We’ve worked in the housing development sector and political campaigns for years. We’ve seen the problems up close.

We come from different political persuasions, but we’re agreed on one thing: we just need to build more homes.

We believe that the voices of people who want to get on the housing ladder and have a decent home are just as important as existing homeowners.

But whenever there is a proposal anywhere in the country to build more homes, it’s the voices of existing homeowners that are the loudest. And they often want to say NO. Pulling up the housing ladder behind them.

So we came together to create Just Build Homes, to give a voice to YOU.


How we are funded

We started this off our own backs because we believe in it. But in order to make it truly effective, we need to get funding. So we’re working with companies and organisations in the housing and development sector who want to build more homes. We don’t discriminate between types of housing because we believe we just need to build more.