How do we motivate people to support building new homes?

Just Build Homes are launching a unique research project.

There have been 1.2 million objections to planning applications over the last three years. That’s 80 objections an hour. Yet some studies show that all the objections are submitted by just 2% of the public and all polls show a majority of people overwhelmingly support building new homes in their area.

So how do we motivate the silent majority to get involved?

The Just Build Homes campaign has already signed hundreds of supporters, but we now want to go further. Over the next month, we will be undertaking a unique study. We will be testing 14 messages through social media channels to assess what works best in getting people to sign up as supporters of new home building.

We have a budget in place to run this in inner London, but we are inviting others to help roll out the study to other geographical areas. We are looking for relatively small contributions to extend the research into other areas. In return, we will share with you the insights of our research and let you know how many people we have identified as supporters in that area.

If you would like to be involved please email –