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Are you frustrated about how difficult it is to get on the housing ladder?

Do you despair that you will never have a home of your own?

Do you want to see more housing available in your area so you can stay close to your family and friends?

Share your story with us.

One of the most powerful ways we can highlight the need to build more homes of all types both private and social housing, is by sharing our stories of how difficult it is in the current climate to have a home of your own. On TV, radio, newspapers and online is where our stories belong.

Millions of us are being priced out by high house prices, lack of supply and restrictive planning laws. Please share your story with us and help us make the case for change. Everyone deserves a decent home.

If you are willing to share your story, we will help you and give you the skills and confidence to talk about your experience.

Will you share your story?

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