More homes in Swale

October 2021



Emails of support to the planning department at Swale District Council in support for building more homes in Swale

Our approach

We ran a series of social media adverts targeting 18–34-year-olds in the Borough, encouraging them to sign up as supporters of Just Build Homes. We supplemented this with canvassing of the same demographic.

Demographic breakdown of supporters

Mostly 18-34
year olds

Pro Building New Homes

48% Looking to buy soon

Mostly renters

Local residents

Location of supporters

62 local residents in Swale support the scheme.

Dear Laura Trott,

The housing crisis means that people like me who want to own their home can’t. The pandemic has made things even tougher. There’s been a complicated debate about the causes, but it boils down to a simple fact: we’re not building enough homes.

The BBC estimate that we’re 1.2 million homes short of what we need to build in this country, just to keep up with demand. Until we build more, the dream of home ownership will remain out of reach.

But although most mainstream politicians say they back building more homes, when it comes to specific proposals in local areas they often back the minority of existing homeowners who object.

In fact, over the last three years, there have been almost 2 million objections to planning applications.

As your constituent, I want you to know that when new homes are proposed, for every NIMBY, there are many more like me who want to say YES to building.

Will you commit to helping first time buyers in Sevenoaks by supporting the building of new homes of all types?

Yours Sincerely,