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Housing Nightmare

Millie Dodd speaks to Vanessa Feltz about the need to build more homes following the latest in the housing crisis as monthly rents hit a record high despite the economic crunch and monthly rents outside London are 10% more than last year. “So many of my friends are paying an unaffordable amount of rent, so many of us are still living at homes with our families and it’s just something that’s so common amongst people of my age.”

The Vanessa Feltz show, Talk TV, 9 October 2023

Yimby vs Nimby: First Time buyers call for new homes to be built.

Millie Dodd, discusses the limitations of the planning system with Nick De Bois, on Talk TV. “The planning system caters to objectors. I saw one planning portal last week on which the first question was:  Do you object or not object? When you are using language like that at the offset, it’s not particularly inclusive for supporters of housebuilding.”

In conversation with Nick De Bois CBE, Talk TV, 14 August 2023

I’m a yimby, come and build in my back yard

Young activists are taking on their elders at planning meetings to build more homes.

“Supporters of new homes have just as much right to be heard as people who oppose development.” Millie Dodd, senior marketing, and communications manager of Just Build Homes featured in The Sunday Times discussing the urgent need for more housing across the UK, as young people continue to struggle to afford to rent let alone to take a step on to the housing ladder. 

The Sunday Times, April 03, 2022

Rise of the Yimbys: engaging younger people in the planning process

Millie Dodd talks to LDS Boost on how Just Build Homes is that the forefront of the Yimby movement and is giving supporters of building new homes a voice in the planning system. “It is time to change the narrative around development. From our experience, when the playing field is levelled and supporters of housebuilding are engaged, decision makers take notice and make their decisions on the merits of the scheme, not the politics.”

LDS Boost, Autumn 2023

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